Sustainable project “Schulz Bee Honey” to support bee populations


Schulz Group is delighted to announce the launch of its latest sustainability project, "Schulz Bee Honey." The company is now home to over 40,000 diligent bees on its premises. In addition to producing their own delicious honey, this project primarily focuses on protecting and supporting these valuable insects. 

The significance of bees for ecological balance is undeniable, as they contribute a remarkable 80% to the pollination of crops and wild plants. Unfortunately, they face various challenges in today's world, such as monocultures and pest infestations, which have made them reliant on human assistance for survival. To address this, Schulz Group has set the goal of contributing to the preservation of these crucial insects. 

In collaboration with the Bremen-based startup Bee-Rent, a beehive has been rented and placed on the Schulz Group premises. Experienced beekeeper Andreas Merk from Wolfegg will oversee the bee colony throughout the year, from setup and care to harvesting and wintering. This approach aims to create a new habitat that ensures a promising future for the bees while simultaneously promoting diversity and yield in the region, particularly among fruit trees. 

The dedication to this bee-friendly initiative underscores Schulz Group's commitment to actively contribute to environmental protection and highlight the importance of bees for both the ecosystem and human existence. The "Schulz Bee Honey" project sets a precedent for a blooming future and invites all interested parties to join in supporting bee conservation efforts. 

This sustainable project "Schulz Bee Honey" marks yet another step toward an ecologically responsible corporate philosophy. 

For more information about Bee-Rent.

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